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The correct use of Clomid

Clomid is the medication that is prescribed for women needed to get treatment for infertility due to poor ovulation.  If you have been unsuccessfully trying for about a year to get, you should go to your healthcare provider to determine the right reason for that. If you are prescribed with Clomid, you should make sure to use this medication currently.  Your healthcare provider should tell you the right dosage of this medication that you should use. Usually, the dosage is prescribed of 50 mg, but it can be higher up to 250 mg. This really depends on different factors and only your healthcare provider should determine the dosage for you. Usually, this medication is prescribed to be used for one cycle that is six month. You will use this mediation for five days each month. The days when you can use this medication are either on 3-7 days after starting your cycle or you can use your medication on 5-9 days after starting your cycle. You should only use this medication in the prescribed dosage and for the length of the treatment it is prescribed for.

The main risk of using Clomid

You should know that if you use this medication, you may get multiply pregnancy. According to statistic about 6% of women after being treated with Clomid got pregnant with twins, about 0.5 % of women got pregnant with triples and more. There is also a slight chance of having ovaries enlarged if this medication is used, but it still should be taken to attention. As for different side effects, they are cause by all medication. In case of Clomid, you may have the following side effects: hot flashes, double vision, headaches, nausea, abdominal bloating and pain, vomiting, mood changes, and breast tenderness.  There is also a chance to experience seeing spots and blurring. Such side effects occur in 1-2 % of women. If you find yourself experiencing some side effects after the use of this medication, you should not hesitate to consult with your healthcare provider on that.  If this medication is used for more than 12 cycles, the chances of having ovarian cancer increase.

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